Monday, August 6, 2012

Two Quilts in Time

This red and white Split Rail patterned quilt was given to me by Linda Moore with Estate Mates when I first started working at the Homestead in 2003. Using this quilt, I have been singing the praises of pioneer women, men, and children who made handmade quilts for their families and friends.

Then in 2010 after a landscaper read the Wells Branch historical marker, he realized that his family lived in the Homestead many years ago. Dean Blackwell of the Gault family invited his relatives to see the Homestead.  What a surprise to everyone when Mr. Blackwell's mother brought an heirloom quilt, shown below, along with its written history.  Do we have a link in time or what!  The Gault family retains their heirloom quilt while the Gault Homestead gratefully displays a similar one today.

This is one of the many quilts at the Wells Branch (Gault) Homestead that are on display during tours.

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